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The third phase of the conversion of the original Rock Creek Apartments created Rock Creek Village (RCV) and includes approximately 224 units composed of mostly one and two-bedroom condos but there are also a handful of studio and lofted homes as well.  During this last phase of the renovations, the developer ran short on funding so unlike Rock Creek Gardens and Rock Creek Commons, these units never came to have central air and heat installed, nor in-unit laundry.  The developer preserved the original radiator heat system and window air conditioners have been used for cooling.  Most unit owners have also taken it upon themselves to install their own in-unit washer/dryer systems (permitted with approval from the Board) rather than use the laundry rooms that are scattered throughout the community.  One benefit of RCV over the other two communities is that gas hookups in all the kitchens were maintained so owners in RCV get to enjoy gas ovens and cooktops whereas the other two communities are limited to electricity.

One additional consequence of the limited funding available to the the developer is that they did not go to the expense to create lofted units in the buildings with pitched roofs.  As a result, a number of individual owners over the years have hired architects and designed some very unique loft spaces that you won’t find in Rock Creek Gardens or Rock Creek Village.  There are still a number of top-floor units in the buildings with pitched roofs which can be lofted and you’ll often see those marketed as “loft-able” condos.

All units in Rock Creek Village pay the same monthly condo fee and all utilities are included in that fee.  That said, there is a surcharge assessed each summer for every window a/c unit that you have installed to account for the additional electricity being consumed and paid for by the community collectively.

RCV has an office and on-site manager located at 8327 Grubb Road, right next door to the Rock Creek Shopping Center.

Current Rock Creek Village condo owners can use the link below to login to their condominium resident portal.


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