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While the Purple Line remains controversial and the final approval and funding remains to be seen, one thing is for sure, the Purple Line will likely have a positive impact on values for the condominium communities of Rock Creek.  Most Realtors in our area will agree that one of the most common requests by home buyers is to be close to public transit.   This heightened demand for homes near transit stations boosts prices for homes within a close radius.  The proposed Lyttonsville Station would be just under 1 mile for most Rock Creek community residents.

The proposed 16-mile Purple Line will connect Bethesda with New Carrolton, creating an east-west rail with direct connections to Metro’s Red, Green, and Orange Lines.   In addition to providing another public transportation option for the community, there are great hopes that the project will include extending the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) from the industrial park area off Brookeville Road to downtown Silver Spring.  Read more updates about the compatibility of “Rails and Trails” on Purple Line Now’s website.

The completion of the Capital Crescent and MetBranch Trails has been named as a Regional Conservation Priority by the Washington Sustainable Growth Alliance, see A Call to Action (a pdf).

Proposed Purple Line Map

Proposed Purple Interior Rendering