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Corner Market & Pharmacy

Corner Market & Pharmacy in Rock CreekAnother great amenity to the Rock Creek Shopping Center, fill your prescriptions at the Corner Market & Pharmacy for easy drop-off or pickup before and after work.

When you need something in the neighborhood, where do you go? You run to the corner market. Old fashioned excellent customer service is the rule, not the exception. A pharmacist that knows your name. A willingness to help. A desire to be that positive influence in the neighborhood. The groceries that keep your family together. Organic, natural, and everyday products in stock when you need them. From milk to medicine, Corner Market & Pharmacy is the place to be in the neighborhood. We understand that there is more to being a neighborhood store than having a store in the neighborhood. We are Corner Market & Pharmacy.

8309 Grubb Road Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 200-8472

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